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Johnny Vander Meer No Hitter 2


BROOKLYN, NY, June 15--Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds is the only pitcher with two consecutive no hitters. This is the box score of the second no hitter. Of all of the individual records, this is truly the one that in all likelihood will never be broken. The thought of three consecutive no hitters is just impossible!
Cincinnati Reds 6, Brooklyn Dodgers 0
Frey, 2b501220
Berger, lf513100
Goodman, rf321300
McCormick, 1b511910
Lombardi, c310900
Craft, cf503100
Riggs, 3b401030
Myers, ss400010
Vander Meer, p411240
Cuyler, rf200100
Coscarart, 2b200120
Brack, ph100000
Hudson, 2b100100
Hassett, lf400300
Phelps, c300900
Rosen, pr000000
Lavagetto, 3b200022
Camilli, 1b100700
Koy, cf400400
Durocher, ss400120
Butcher, p000010
Pressnell, p200000
Hamlin, p000010
English, ph100000
Tamulis, p000000
Cincinnati004001100 - 6
Brooklyn000000000 - 0
Runs batted in- Berger, McCormick 3, Craft, Riggs. Two base hits- Berger. Three base hits- Berger. Home runs- McCormick. Stolen bases- Goodman. First base on balls-Off Vander Meer 8, off Butcher 3, off Hamlin 1. Struck out-By Vander Meer 7, by Butcher 1, by Pressnell 3, by Hamlin 3, by Tamulis 1. Hits-Off Butcher 5 in 2 2/3 innings, off Pressnell 4 in 3 2/3 innings, off Hamlin 2 in 1 2/3 innings. Umpires-Stewart, Stark, , Barr. Time of game-2:22. Attendance-38,748

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