Baseball's most historic box scores in the format they would have appeared in the newspapers of the era.

Baseball's First Season - 82 Runs In One Game


TROY, NY, June 28--The Philadelphia Athletics and Troy Haymakers had quite an offensive slug-fest during the first season of Professional Baseball. 82 total runs on 74 hits with 14 doubles, 9 triples, and just 3 homers!
Philadelphia Athletics 49, Troy Haymakers 33
Cuthbert, lf6431
McBride, p7410
Radcliff, ss7712
Malone, c3531
Fisler, 1b6470
Reach, 2b6656
Sensenderfer, cf5310
Meyerle, 3b6630
Heubel, rf2211
Bechtel, rf1120
McGeary, c4502
York, cf3220
Flowers, ss5336
Flynn, 1b43120
King, lf3340
McMullin, p3300
Pike, rf5520
Bellan, 3b3222
Craver, 2b3622
Philadelphia243798358 - 49
Troy1231044243 - 33
Two base hits- McBride, Radcliff, Malone, Fisler 2, Sensenderfer, Meyerle, Heubel, McGeary, King, Pike 2, Bellan, Craver. Three base hits- Cuthbert 2, Reach 3, York, Flowers 2, McMullin, Bellan. Home runs- Cuthbert, Malone, York. Stolen bases- Cuthbert 2, Meyerle, Heubel, McGeary 4, Flowers 2, Flynn 2, King 2, Pike. Double plays- Flowers, Craver, Flynn; First base on balls-Off McBride 6, off McMullin 7. Wild pitch-By McBride 2, by McMullin 5. Struck out-By McBride 2. Hits-Off McBride 32 in 9 innings, off McMullin 42 in 9 innings. Umpires-Tighe, Holley. Time of game-3:55.

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