Baseball's most historic box scores in the format they would have appeared in the newspapers of the era.

Jackie Robinson Debut


BROOKLYN, NY, April 15--Jackie Robinson finally breaks the 'color barrier' with his debut on Apr 15. A truly historical event.
Brooklyn Dodgers 5, Boston Braves 3
Culler, ss300020
Holmes, ph100000
Sisti, ss000000
Hopp, cf501200
McCormick, rf403200
Elliott, 3b201020
Litwhiler, lf310100
Rowell, lf100000
Torgeson, 1b4101011
Masi, c300400
Ryan, 2b413470
Sain, p100010
Cooper, p000100
Neill, ph000000
Lanfranconi, p000000
Stanky, 2b310030
Robinson, 1b3101100
Schultz, 1b000100
Reiser, cf232200
Walker, rf301000
Tatum, rf000000
Vaughan, ph100000
Furillo, rf000000
Hermanski, lf401300
Edwards, c200201
Rackley, pr000000
Bragan, c100300
Jorgensen, 3b300040
Wee Reese, ss301320
Hatten, p201110
Stevens, ph100000
Gregg, p100100
Casey, p000000
Boston000012000 - 3
Brooklyn00010130x - 5
RBI- Hopp, Ryan 2, Reiser 2, Hermanski, Edwards, Jorgensen. 2B- Reiser, Wee Reese. SH- Culler, Masi, Sain 2, Robinson. DP- Culler, Ryan, Torgeson; Stanky, Wee Reese, Robinson; BB-Off Sain 5, off Hatten 3, off Gregg 2. HBP-By Sain 1, by Hatten 1, by Gregg 1. WP-By Hatten 1. SO-By Sain 2, by Lanfranconi 2, by Hatten 2, by Gregg 2, by Casey 1. H-Off Sain 6 in 6 innings, off Hatten 6 in 6 innings, off Gregg 2 in 2 1/3 innings. U-Pinelli, Barlick, , Gore. T-2:26. A-26,623

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