Baseball's most historic box scores in the format they would have appeared in the newspapers of the era.

Longest Baseball Game


BOSTON, MA, May 1--Incredibly, both starters -- the Robins' Leon Cadore and Braves' Joe Oeschger -- went all 26 frames, scattering 24 hits between them. Eight players saw 10 at-bats and two Braves players each stepped up 11 times. Incidentally, Boston first baseman Walter Holke had 42 putouts - Another record that remains to this day.
Boston Braves 1, Brooklyn Robins 1
Olson, 2b1001581
Neis, rf1001900
Johnston, 3b1002310
Wheat, lf902300
Myers, cf201200
Hood, cf601910
Konetchy, 1b9013000
Ward, ss1000531
Krueger, c210430
Elliott, c700730
Cadore, p10001120
Powell, cf701800
Pick, 2b11006112
Mann, lf1002600
Cruise, rf911400
Holke, 1b10024210
Boeckel, 3b1103170
Maranville, ss1003190
O'Neil, c200410
Christenbury, ph101000
Gowdy, c601610
Oeschger, p9010110
Brooklyn00001000000000000000000000 - 1
Boston00000100000000000000000000 - 1
Two base hits- Maranville, Oeschger. Three base hits- Cruise. Sacrifice hits-Hood, Powell, Cruise, Holke, O'Neil, Oeschger. Stolen bases- Myers, Hood. Caught stealing- Boeckel. Double plays- Olson, Konetchy; Oeschger, Gowdy, Holke, Gowdy; First base on balls-Off Cadore 5, off Oeschger 4. Wild pitch-By Oeschger 1. Struck out-By Cadore 7, by Oeschger 7. Hits-Off Cadore 15 in 26 innings, off Oeschger 9 in 26 innings. Umpires-McCormick, Hart, . Time of game-3:50. Attendance-4,500

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